Sundial Services
Professional Software Engineering Consultants Since 1992

Sundial Services first opened its doors in Scottsdale, Arizona in January of 1992. We selected as our trademark the oldest means of telling time known to man. We selected as our promise: "your computer can do what you want.™"

Decades later, our promise remains.

We are experienced, trustworthy, neutral consultants on matters pertaining to computer software. We have nothing to sell you but our expertise. We have only your best business interests in mind.

  • Because we have been in business, now, for more than a quarter-century, "we have been there" during a substantial portion of the total evolution of digital computer technology. We were there when "now-legacy" systems were first developed. And, we are still very much in-touch with the constantly developing digital future. Throughout this entire time, we've been focused on businesses ... just like yours. (How things change. How things stay the same.)
  • Yes, we do, of course, possess considerable software-development capability, with access to more. (No surprise there.) But we do not presume that any of it will turn out to be suitable (or even possible) in your case. Neither do we presume that you would choose for us to also serve you in any such capacity, if it was. (Perhaps you would have us stand aside.) In any case, such matters will never be allowed to bias "our first product: our objective counsel."

Addressing the Challenge of "Existing Software"

It might be twenty years old, or two. It might or might not be "a website."

  • Perhaps it is a stand-alone application which, in its day, it was well-built using state of the art techniques of its day, by seasoned professionals of their day who (perhaps) have long since moved on.
  • Perhaps it is a web-site which, although you have poured tens of thousands of dollars into it, "did not stand the tests of time."
  • The machine is failing, and you can't buy(!) a replacement without raiding a yard-sale.

Today, this software continues to be essential to the daily operation of your business. But today it needs help, because of:

  • Software abandonment by its vendor. (e.g. Paradox®, dBase®, FoxPro®)
  • Breaking changes caused by innocent-sounding upgrades. (e.g. Microsoft Access®, PHP®)
  • Obsolete operating system environment. Yes, we've heard of CP/M. And, we know that 16-bit software doesn't run anymore, and that 32-bit won't run much longer. "Time marches on."
  • Obsolete hardware. You can't keep that VAX or HP-3000 running forever.
  • Obsolete SSL/TLS/crypto libraries. Your system might be running a version that's now regarded as "insecure," such that other sites won't talk to you anymore or let you talk to them, and you can't change it.
  • Insufficient hardware. It runs on a single machine that's making ominous noises. You need it to run in the cloud. But, how?
  • Non-Compliance e.g. with laws such as HIPAA, or vendor security standards such as PCI.
  • Hardening: The systems are constantly under attack, attempting to gain entry against "simple passwords." ... ("Can't you just make our administrative portal disappear?" Yes, we can.)
  • Evolving business needs. You need an API to support a mobile application. Business rules have changed.
  • Business knowledge and data extraction: "What's in that database, and how do we even get to it anymore, except through the application?"

You might be approached by people who are eager to tell you what you should do – but where can you find someone who is on your side? "Someone with no skin in the game" other than your own best interests? Someone who doesn't have an agenda, or anything to sell you other than their own expertise and reputation?

We can help you. (read more ...)

We Are Neutral, Objective Strategists, With Specific Expertise:

We are neutral strategists, and trustworthy consultants, who have only your best business interests in mind. We have nothing to sell you, except our expertise, and we accept promotional considerations from no one.

As we stated above, while we do have considerable technical capability ourselves, and with access to more, we do not presume that we will have any part in any subsequent work – should there be any. Our first and primary product is: our expertise.

As consultants, we strive to think differently. We'll tell you plainly what every company in the local coffee shop won't. These thoughts aren't based upon trends or truisms, but upon decades of experience and objective facts.

For instance:

Yes, we're full of ideas. But first, we listen very carefully ... to you. We enter into each engagement with no preconceived notion of what the best solution to your problem might be, and we give you the best advisement that we possibly can, based on your inputs, our discoveries, and our expertise as well as that of others whose counsel we may seek. We abide rigorously by the principles of confidentiality and neutrality.

Since 1992, we've been helping clients all over the world.

Our slogan, "Your Computer Can Do What You Want!™" has never changed, because the essential purpose of our company continues to be reflected by this one phrase. Our entire raison d'etre is to make this promise happen for you.

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