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No, your "ad blocker" isn't malfunctioning – it just doesn't have anything to do!

We like things that way, and we think that your web site should be that way, too.

Advertisements should have gone the way of "broadcast television" long before now, but they remain to annoy us. They are also the number-one avenue through which malware is distributed, since advertisements contain both images and executable programming which comes from an unknown source. Your customers don't want that, and the pittance of revenue that advertising agencies might pay you to host their ads is never worth the price.

Yes, this web site might use "cookies," but only to maintain session-information since HTTPS is a "stateless" protocol. It maintains an access log and an error log as all web sites do. We look at these logs to help us build and maintain a better web site, but we don't "track you," and we never, ever will.

This site also does not link out to any statistics-gathering sites. It doesn't provide information to Google®, nor to anyone else, even though they want to gather the data and might pay us for it. No, this web-site exists only for us – and, for you.

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