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For evaluation purposes – and, to handle the case where "your present difficulties" might indeed be temporary – we offer a 30-day time-limited license to ChimneySweep Traditional Edition (only).

This license affords you the full functionality of ChimneySweep® Traditional Edition for at least 30 days from your date of purchase. Furthermore, at any point within that 30-day period, you can apply your full purchase-price as a discount – by means of a simple coupon-code – against a subsequent Traditional Edition or Professional Edition purchase.

No, There Are No "Free Trials" of ChimneySweep!

Although we did experiment with various forms of "free trials" during the very-earliest release of this product, we immediately realized the error of our ways. ChimneySweep could not be "a hobbled horse." If you need it – or think you need it – "you have to have it all." Therefore, the time-limited license is fully functional for the entire time period.

Some customers use the 30-day option to perform a trial, in which case it costs them nothing more. Others truly are faced with a one-time problem that turns out to be a one-time problem, in which case the 30-day option is a fine way to get everything that ChimneySweep Traditional Edition has to offer, at a substantially reduced price. The choice is yours.

Product Price: $34.95 (USD)