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This is probably the Edition that you want . . .

Traditional Edition has all of the product capabilities that both users and IT staff generally require:

  1. Build and Edit jobs using the interactive "Job Editor" wizard.
  2. Run jobs by double-clicking on them in the main-page window.
  3. View and delete the output of completed jobs.

The Job Editor wizard leads you interactively, step-by-step, through the entire process of constructing or editing a job. You simply step through each one of the various pages, then save it. Having done so, the job appears on the list of jobs and you simply run it with a double-click.

"In the old days," the output of the job would have been saved in a single file named C:\CHMNYLOG.TXT, but no more. Each job now produces very-detailed output, "pretty-printed" as HTML, which is now permanently cataloged until you choose to delete it. (This is, of course, true of all Editions.)

Therefore, "for nearly everyone, this is indeed the full extent of what ChimneySweep is, or needs to be. Therefore, this is nearly always the Edition of ChimneySweep that you want.

Product Price: $154.95 (USD)