Sundial Services
Professional Software Engineering Consultants Since 1992

Software Projects • Design & Build • Recovery/Repurposing • Since 1992

Sundial Services first opened its doors in Scottsdale, Arizona in January of 1992. We selected as our trademark the oldest means of telling time known to man. We selected as our promise: "your computer can do what you want.™" We continue to make this promise come true for our clients.

We are pure consultants. We succeed when you do. We work with your staff, within your organization – providing outside resources only if and when needed. Our broad range of expertise applies to most hardware and software environments in use today, or yesterday.

So ... what can we do for you?

Computer software projects fail much more often than they succeed. It might be a "brand new made-over web site" whose buttons don't work, or something millions of dollars' more costly. Cost overruns, and schedule "slips" of months and years, are commonplace. But they don't have to be ... (read more)

The project's on fire – we put it out. Working within your existing organization (they're not the problem), we identify the "flame points" and stabilize them. Then, we help you to assess how the project got out of control, and to implement process improvements so it doesn't happen again. (read more)

In this short opinion piece, we summarize why so many well-intentioned IT projects fail, or fall on very rough times. (read more)