Sundial Services
Professional Software Engineering Consultants Since 1992

Software Projects • Design & Build • Recovery/Repurposing • Since 1992

Sundial Services first opened its doors in Scottsdale, Arizona in January of 1992. We selected as our trademark the oldest means of telling time known to man. We selected as our promise: "your computer can do what you want.™" We continue to make this promise come true for our clients.

Pure Consultants:

We are pure consultants, not a "job shop" nor a temporary employment agency. We work with, and within, your existing I.T. organization in order to provide objective, factual counsel that has only your business interests in mind. We have nothing to gain from your decision to act on our recommendation, except your good referral which we always appreciate.

Specialists in Existing Software:

We specialize in existing software: the non-web applications that might have been around for a long time; the reports; the spreadsheets; the stats jobs, the often-manual data handling operations that are a part of every company's information infrastructure. The stuff that only a few of your employees see.

As computer technology continues to advance at breakneck speed, many of these applications are literally being "left behind," but they remain mission-critical. The people who still know how those systems worked have retired, or were hit by the last round of layoffs. Consultants who only know how to build "web sites" won't be of much use to you here. That's where we can help. We can tell you how that application works, what it's doing, and what your business should do now with regards to it. We can look over the entire process and point out business exposures that you didn't even know about. Because we were there – and we still are.

Software Project Management:

We have specific expertise in every hardware platform, every operating system, and most programming languages that are in use today – or that were in use yesterday. We also have (decidedly non-conventional) insights into software project management which are welcomed by those who still think that a software project should not be a "voyage of discovery."